Team & Directors

Our Directors

Our volunteer board is dedicated to providing guidance and raising funds to keep Community Ministry serving those in need. These are the individuals to whom we owe thanks.

Catie Barber

Board Member

I have chosen to serve on the board of Community Ministry because I was looking for a new opportunity to volunteer and support communities in Colorado. Previously my time volunteering has been exclusively hands-on and I want to learn how to best support nonprofits from an organizational level. I am hoping that my experience in business management, event planning, and crowdfunding will allow me to help Community Ministry continue to grow and provide crucial support to families in the Denver area.

Susan Castillo

Board Chair

I was once that young mom without a job trying to figure out how to feed my daughter and pay rent. I can't think of a better way to repay those who assisted me during that time than to serve on the board of Community Ministry.

Donya Powell

Board Treasurer

I have served Community Ministry in some form, whether that be through volunteering at the food bank, summer vacation Bible schools, or as a board member, for the last fifteen years. I have recently returned to serve as Board Treasurer. The mission of CM is one of great importance, and I serve because I see the dedication of so many who continue to work tirelessly to provide for the Southwest Denver community and its needs. To watch those who have been served by CM, and in turn become volunteers to pay it forward, is incredibly rewarding and why I just can’t say “no” to being a part of this amazing organization.

Karen Hammel

Board Vice Chair

I believe the many things that Community Ministry provides (food, school supplies, holiday baskets, help with utility bills, other resources, and basic health screening) is a vital benefit to the community. My involvement is to offer hope, encouragement and also to sustain and grow the resources of CM.

Kaye Lamb

Board Secretary

Christians are called to be God's hands in the world. I am privileged to be one of many working to reduce hunger in southwest Denver.

Don Huber

Board Member

For a couple years I delivered food to Community Ministry as part of Light of the World’s Second Helpings ministry. Then Joyce asked if I’d be interested in joining the Board. How could I say no? It’s been a privilege to support such a caring organization that helps feed and clothe our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Jim Ward

Board Member

As a church pastor I've seen firsthand the amazing support that Community Ministry provides to area residents when they are at their most vulnerable. It's my pleasure to support CM by serving on the board, and participating in ongoing food, clothing, and holiday gift-baskets for our neighbors in need.

Kelsey Powell

Board Member, Capital Campaign Committee Chair

Sandra Baca

Board Member

I became involved with Community Ministry when I was laid off from my job in 2008. I was enrolled at Metro State University but had the need to volunteer and make a difference in my community. CM was in my neighborhood and they needed the help. I assisted the food bank manager and learned of all the wonderful programs that were available at Community Ministry. It was definitely something with which I wanted to be involved. Ten years later I am still involved with this amazing resource that is in my community.

David Orr

Board Member

Annie Huter

Board Member

I got involved with Community Ministry to raise awareness of the need in our area through fundraising and events, to belong to a Christian organization with the beliefs in helping our neighbors, and to pass on the importance of kindness and compassion.

Our Staff

Although we have only a few part-time staff, they give 100% effort every week. They work hard to ensure the services continue as smoothly as possible. Tell ’em, “Thanks” if you recognize them, along with all of the other regular volunteers we are privileged to have.

Joyce Neufeld

Executive Director

Service and organization are the words that describe my professional, volunteer and personal life. As early as high school I used my administrative abilities to organize activities for my church youth group. This desire to organize activities carried on in college as I worked on youth conferences, with my post college experience as and activity director in retirement facilities and in volunteer positions at my children's schools. My desire to help others further their professional careers lead to my volunteer work with Rocky Mountain Ophthalmic Personnel where I served as Secretary/Treasurer for 17 years. Education was a large part of my job as an ophthalmic technician. In addition to my job duties, I wrote informational brochures for parents on various eye conditions and started support groups for families with children having similar eye conditions. As a volunteer at my children's school's I planned activities for the students and staff and revitalized the PTO into a vital part of the school programming. Volunteering for Community Ministry in various areas and becoming the board president allowed me to use all of my skills to make a difference in the lives of my neighbors in southwest Denver. Now, serving as the Executive Director for Community Ministry I am able to focus on expanding services through collaborating with other agencies, administration and fundraising.

Michelle Scheffer

Food Pantry Manager

I love my community. As part of the staff at Community Ministry I get to do that at a very hands-on level. When I was in need, Community Ministry helped me with more than just food. They encouraged me to look beyond my own needs and reach out to help others. Everyday I feel so honored to be serving my neighbors.

Shelley Yetter

Executive Coordinator

Knowing that anything I do to help others can make a difference in their lives has been the driving force behind everything I do. As a music teacher I strived to help children learn to integrate the creativity and discipline they needed for succeeding in music into their academic performance. My heart has always been drawn to helping people struggling with basic needs so becoming a part of Community Ministry's staff was a no brainer. Now I use those same skills I used as a teacher behind the scenes to help Community Ministry as it reaches out to those in need and to those who have the means to provide those needs.

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